IoT case-study

Use of IoT technologies for machine performance management:

The most important factor in creating an effective production facility is making sure that resources are used correctly and are functioning at their best. The most crucial concerns for a business are the ability to predict maintenance and failure situations, the controllability of the production line, and the maximum efficiency of the machines that are the most valuable resources. Through adjusting to modern technologies and digital systems, the production line can become profitable and utilise its resources more effectively.

Machines that are not integrated with new technologies run into issues:

Machine Errors:

The failure of the machinery anticipated for use in the production plan as a result of a malfunction or unanticipated stoppage is referred to as a machine failure loss. Every machine has the potential to break down, but issues with machines that lack the appropriate technology integration cannot be identified quickly and sensibly, which could disrupt business operations.

The machines' production speed has decreased:

When a machine runs slower than the Ideal Cycle Time during production, this is referred to as a speed loss. For some businesses, a slow connection is unacceptable because it significantly reduces performance. Losses resulting from speed issues are frequently caused by a variety of factors, including dirty or worn machinery, inadequate lubrication, and the use of inferior materials. Because the machines don’t support the necessary technologies, the root causes of the issues can’t be found and tracked, and production speed reductions are also very likely.

Machine process losses:

Significant quality losses occur as a result of machine flaws and machine process errors, which lead to the production of defective parts. Incorrect equipment settings, operator or equipment processing errors brought on by a lack of technology integration are common causes of process defects.

Sustainability Machine Weakening:

Sustainable equipment is any type of machinery that does not harm the environment, conserves natural resources, is affordable, and can sustain long-term operations that are dependable and healthy for consumers, businesses, and employees. Without precise technological action, it is impossible to ensure the sustainability of machines.

Using IoT technologies, track machine efficiency:

Because machine tracking has significant advantages for effectively carrying out business operations, it is crucial for companies to monitor and manage the performance of their machines using IoT technologies. The ability of business management to quickly make important decisions regarding equipment and procedures is the most important of these advantages. Businesses also benefit from opportunities like monitoring production data, capacity planning, and anticipating maintenance and breakdown needs.

What Can the Machine Efficiency Tracking Solution from Aagnia Offer and How Does It Operate?

Following is a summary of the advantages of Aagnia’s Machine Efficiency Solution, developed with AI-based IoT technologies:

  • provides management panel-based real-time and historical monitoring of the machine performance parameters.
  • allows for the tracking of production numbers, which verifies whether the system is operating at maximum efficiency.
  • provides real-time notifications about the production level to assist the business in planning operations.
  • by immediately tracking the machine operators’ activities, it enables efficiency analysis.
  • By doing away with the need for manual data input and output by the staff, the system becomes digitalized and autonomous.
  • reduces the time lost during product delivery, which speeds up and improves the processes.
  • ensures the early identification and correction of persistent issues with how the machines function.
  • By finding out what time the machines start working and stop working, it is possible to track their start and stop information as well as their working hours throughout the day.

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