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Global markets impact the industry in a unique way that only people with unique knowledge can truly understand. As a result of industry-focused technology expertise, we help companies reach their business goals in an economical and competitive environment.


We have more than 15 years of experience in handling various technology projects across all stages of software development life cycle.


The Challenge The Client is dedicated towards advancing research and building optimized navigation algorithms, which are a critical part of the application .


The Client is dedicated towards advancing research and building optimized navigation algorithms, which are a critical part of the application workflow.


Management needs to know the shifts in progress and accordingly the machine status, work order in progress, speed, production, efficiency, etc all in one.

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Thank you for your timely support in restructuring our application for better experience and reduced costs over cloud servers and Google Maps.  Both your technical and domain expertise have truly benefited fasttrack cabs and hope fasttrack would reach greater milestones with your continued support.


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We work with industry pioneer to new age startups breaking the technology barrier.

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As a business owner and entrepreneur, at times, you probably have no time to worry about software development and hiring skilled IT professionals to handle the job for you. Then your lack of knowledge and proficiency might be lead you to make a wrong decision, costing you a lot of time and money.

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