Client Case Study - Stars



The system helps to track provident fund payments and provides location analysis of employer’s account contribution. Analyze the total remittance to be paid by all the established employers and their accounts, and ranking of each establishment by remittance amount. Monitor total claims, pending, and settlement ratio for tracking the claims received and settlement done to the members.


Client had problem in analyzing the Remittance and claims details for all the establishment account holders and members. All data were exported from the transaction system in Excel format and this has to be consolidated to generate monthly reports and for analysis.

Mostly the reports were not available during the first week of every month, as latest data has to obtained and consolidation took more time, so up-to-date reports were not available for presentation to the ministry.

Data is distributed across multiple systems stored in different formats, no central repository of information. Client need a data pipeline to be developed for extracting data from the application system and storing to staging & data warehouse for their analysis purpose.

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