Cloud Service

Find the apt cloud solutions to solve demanding business problems

Find the apt cloud solutions to solve demanding business problems

Cloud-Based on applications, Developments & Services

Large Data Storage

Based on the structure and model of your data and software

Data Security

Aagnia offers a highly secured and flexible infrastructure which breaks all the odds and complexity.

Measured Services

Building the cloud platform that auto-scales up and down of the company to handle any kind of workloads.

Backup Services

More stable environment to cloud backup and speedy recovery from the disaster with 24/7 service support.

Secure Storage Services

Constant growth fluctuations in companies needs secured storage services with flexibility.

On-demand Services

Aagnia is business friendly and meets the requirements with on-demand services for the business goals.

Cluster computing

We provide cluster computing Fail-over, Load-balancing and high Performance requirements.

Data Algorithm

Based on the structure and model of your data and software can be recommended.

Digital transformation with a seamless cloud approach


We build the best application with the cloud services which uphold its name for its strong infrastructure with high-level scalability, security, and performance. It is a safe and well-adopted platform.

Digitalization has taken a great leap in the business sector. In order to increase productivity and efficiency companies no longer prefer traditional methods but relies on the best digital services like cloud computing. It is proven that companies implementing cloud services have statistically seen a hike in productivity and security with minimum money spent. Aagnia technologies provide the right cloud services approach for your business. We are one of the best cloud service companies in India.

Our team of experts guides you in the proper selection and cloud services and helps you meet business targets, by ensuring the most convenient, decisive, and adaptable cloud services for your challenging business problems.  

Cloud Application Development Services

On learning the needs and infrastructure of the company, we provide a well-guided application with the proper assessment.
Our cloud consultants do their best to understand your business requirements, existing application architecture, and needs in order to define a clear roadmap for delivering a cloud-based solution and recommend frameworks accordingly.
Expertise in leading cloud platforms enables our professionals to fully utilize the features. Create, repurpose, and integrate custom cloud-based applications that meet your functional and non-functional needs to maximize productivity.
Our experts enable your in-house or cloud applications, processes, databases, and so on to integrate with various cloud services and EDI end-points such as Office 365, web-storage accounts, and third-party products without jeopardizing your ongoing processes.
As a one-stop-shop for all of your cloud app development needs, we provide SLA-driven ongoing support and maintenance to keep your systems secure, bug-free, and up to date with the latest technological advancements.  
Create customized Cloud Access Security Brokers automated testing for compliance standards and DLP to ensure cloud security by leveraging our expertise in network, data, and app security to gain a competitive advantage in the cloud space.
We make it possible to migrate legacy applications and in-house systems to the most recent cloud platforms while making the best use of platform features. During the transition, keep downtime and operational costs to a minimum.

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