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Go online and reach a vast majority of people of different scales.

Consumer & Retail

Consumer & Retail Build electronic stores that are designed using the electronic catalog and shopping cart model with performance optimized to the users.

Online Aggregation

Consumer & Retail Build electronic stores that are designed using the electronic catalog and shopping cart model with performance optimized to the users.


Build dashboards tracking the flow of raw material and finished goods, buy and sell goods, trade market information and run back office information such as inventory control.


Build portals for travel and tourism industry which supports online choices, helping consumers to reserve their tavel and accomodation and other services online.

Digital Commerce with a seamless business

“Aagnia discovers the enthusiasm of the people and builds strong digital commerce for your products and services. We create the best portal for your business with a simple and accessible template. We build a strong bond between customers and business in this way.”

A surfacing trend is globally viewed when it comes to products and service transaction both online and offline. When a company does not hold an online business it fails to reach a vast people of different expectations. Digital commerce provides a convenient atmosphere and presents a high interest to online viewers.

The digital commerce is growing day by day, with enhanced features provided to the customers, it satisfies them and improves customers’ experience. We make it profitable for any kind of businesses including products and services.

Ecommerce Development Services

Our offerings provide businesses with cutting-edge technology services that address unique e-commerce needs while attracting new visitors, increasing conversion rates, and generating sales.

In today’s competitive environment, e-commerce facilitates a reliable and smooth transfer of goods and products between the company and customers. We design the portal for a transparent business that customers get to add their feedback to the products and services offered. The company becomes resourceful in this manner with less physical space and reaching the target audience. Transaction of money and funds are encouraged in this sophisticated platform. With the wide use of the internet, e-commerce is set to rule the market world internationally.

Our web designs are extremely user-friendly, allowing for engagement with users to improve their on-site experience and open up new revenue streams.
Our Ecommerce Developers create extremely user-friendly and navigable websites. You can rest assured that your website management task will go off without a hitch.
Aagnia helps you design a creative and innovative online shopping portal for your business. The web page is made very much accessible to the customers. It is built in such a way that search for products, convenience, satisfaction, reliable money transfer, tracking, etc
One of the easiest and quick ways to transfer money is through card transactions. The customers use their cards to buy products, recently it has been viewed that it is more preferable among customers. We build a safe online payment process for the business portal.

Our experts make certain that your website meets all of the criteria for effective search engine optimization. A rich website ensures high visibility.

Create high-performance, versatile apps that can be used on a variety of devices such as laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.
Attract customers with clever and eye-catching UI/UX designs. Create a path for better engagement with your user base by using interactive designs.

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