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Block Chain

Making Blockchain Network Real for Business

Making Blockchain Network Real for Business

Smart Contracts

Trading and settlement functions, escrow can all be automated using smart contracts.

Digital Currency

ECommerce, Global Payments, Remittance, Peer-to-Peer lending, Microfinance.

Record keeping

Healthcare, Asset Ownership, Voting, Intellectual property, Title records.


Equity, Private markets, Debt, Crowdfunding, Derivatives.

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“Blockchain is being used for different applications in different ways, let’s see what are the different types of Blockchain. The core idea of blockchain as a distributed ledger technology (DLT) can be used to create a permissioned blockchain (private or consortium).”

Businesses cannot exist in isolation, they need to inter-connect with their customers, third-party vendors, suppliers etc. and which is boundaryless.

Blockchain technology offers a way for decentralized assets directly without always going through other participants needlessly. The participants can interact with Shared Repository directly without going involving third parties, potentially making post trade operations cheaper and faster.

Aagnia technologies can help you run the business effectively with high performance blockchain network applications.Business value-added services include embedded transactions, collateral networks like Interledger, conditional payments, and smart contracts and business applications that leverage the overlay networks. Blockchain exists in a distributed model in which records are stored in all nodes in the network. We take charge of the technical aspects of creating a blockchain application, while the business can focus on the core

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Data Analytics is a service best adopted by healthcare, transport, gaming, and manufacturing companies. Aagnia technologies can help you run the business effectively with high performance.

Blockchain Applications are transforming the way the businesses are conducted. Blockchain is capable of bringing systems together that will help companies realize greater savings through increased throughput time, decreased maintenance, and continuous process improvement.

Banking and financial sectors have started exploring the smart bonds and smart contracts. Blockchain can be employed in all types of Financial Instruments for Payments.

Blockchain can be employed in various payments like Clearing Networks, International Transfers, Asset Ownership, Cross Border, P2P, Corporate and Interbank, Trading records, Private Equity.

Blockchain coupled with data analytics helps Hospitals and healthcare systems needs to run efficiently to track as well as optimize patient flow, staff shifts, medical stocks, medical equipments.

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