Client Case Study - Fasttrack



The Client, based in Chennai, India, is one of the India’s largest providers of cabs services started in early 90s for the travel industry. Company has 4000+ cabs associated and 5000+ Drivers engaged to integrate their cab offering services to the end users. The organization provides cabs in more than 20 cities throughout the South India.


The Client is dedicated towards advancing research and building optimized navigation algorithms, which are a critical part of the application workflow. Client has strong conviction that these applications are the glue between Client Admin, Cab Owners, Drivers and End Users. A core part of the solution uses Google Maps to automatically create the nearby cabs logic, driver travel distance, re-route logic, rate calculation etc. Cab Admin uses our software solutions to efficiently manage their revenue-cycle operations, but can also use the results to identify the travel needs in various cities and related spend power. Previously, Client relied on multiple call centers and collocated environments to support its cab services. However, this approach led to major challenges. For example, there were lot of communication overheads, capacity versus supply matching errors, driver cancellations. There were also significantly off-peak seasons, but still had to manage, maintain, and pay for the underlying unused support environment during those times. They lacked the ability to efficiently support that ebb and flow associated with various workloads. Client also needed the agility to develop and deploy new applications faster. They wanted to lay the foundation necessary to reduce or eliminate barriers needed to increase the revenue of their business.

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