Ecommerce Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

Ecommerce Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

E-commerce is an essential part of everyone’s life, as we are all well aware of the benefits of online shopping.


E-commerce sales have increased dramatically as a result of the pandemic in 2020.


Aside from this rapid shift in online shopping, it has also been discovered that mobile and digital media consumption has increased dramatically.


In 2019, e-commerce sales were $3.53 trillion, and this figure is expected to rise to $6.54 billion by 2022-23.


Measuring the increase in online business, most retailers are shifting their focus to this expanding industry.


As a result, it is critical for every business to understand the value of e-commerce as well as the top trends to look for in 2021.

The Rise of Voice Commerce:


Most people are increasingly using voice assistant devices, whether for searching or purchasing a product from an online store.


Devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant are assisting people in making their tasks easier and smarter through voice search; every retailer should use this technology. To begin optimizing your store for voice search now, as more than 70% of US households will have smart speakers by 2024-25.


When you optimize your store for Voice Search, you will be able to meet the needs of your customers and provide them with the ease and convenience of shopping.


You will be astounded if we tell you that “Voice Commerce is expected to reach $40 billion in revenue by the end of 2022.”

A New Normal for Omni Channel Selling:


According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, people use multiple channels when shopping online across multiple platforms. The number of omnichannel customers is expected to increase in 2021 as well.


Many businesses are already aware of their customers’ use of multiple channels such as mobiles, tablets, desktops, and so on.


To benefit your online business through Omnichannel selling, optimize your website for mobile use. It will assist you in increasing your sales.


You can also create a mobile application or a PWA (Progressive web app) to provide your customers with a seamless Omnichannel experience.


Allow your customers to buy your products in a variety of ways, such as buy online, pick up in-store, choose home delivery, get doorstep delivery, and so on.

Global Consumer Base:


Global e-commerce allows products to be sold across geopolitical borders. According to the most recent updates, the cumulative date predicts a 276.9 percent increase in global e-commerce sales.


It has been discovered that a large number of online shoppers want to buy outside of their country’s borders.


To increase your sales abroad, you must conduct a market analysis using platforms such as online advertising or social media. You will need to approach Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Product Listing Ads using geographic targeting for this.


Because of the global nature of the search, local businesses can reach out to an international audience to sell their products.

Digital advertising competition:


In most OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries, digital advertising has surpassed traditional forms of advertising.


Because of the increased use of the internet and mobile phones, the level of digital advertising has increased. Because of advancements in artificial intelligence and other areas, it is now possible to reach out to targeted audiences through low-cost digital advertising.


More businesses are planning to continue large investments in digital advertising in 2022.

Payments via mobile devices:


Mobile payments have become an easy and convenient way for both retailers and consumers to make digital payments. It is one of the most advanced technologies, and it is gradually increasing the rate of e-commerce sales. It is now a requirement for any online shopping platform to include their customers’ online payment method.


People used to use mobile payment methods during the pandemic because there was a risk of being exposed to the coronavirus.


More e-commerce businesses are expected to accept mobile payment methods in 2022.

Videos and Interactive Content:

Videos are an important aspect of the online business world. After watching a well-informed and appropriate video, 7 out of 10 people have a positive reaction. Around the world, 80 percent of millennial use videos to decide whether or not to buy an online product.

Interactive videos can be used on any platform, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Shoppable videos are the new frontier in the world of e-commerce. Consumers can purchase the product directly from the video by using the Pop-up or Swipe features available on various social media platforms.

The shoppable videos can be used by brands in any e-commerce space, including fashion, beauty, and technology.

Prepare for all of these trends in 2022 to boost the performance and value of your brand.

It will be critical to understanding the potential of your product and add-ons in order to attract the audience.

Brands must optimize their website and app based on customer feedback. It will be beneficial in developing a strong customer relationship with the brand.

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