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Mobile Apps

Mobile Application Development, Android App Development, iOS App Development, Mobile-First Websites

Did you know? According to International Data Corporation (IDC), Android dominates the mobile market with 86.8% share, followed by iOS at 12.5%, and Windows phone at 0.3% and others at 0.4%. Hence the Mobile App development space has two prominent operating systems:

  • Google-owned Android OS
  • Apple-owned iOS

Looking forward for a Mobile App Development for your Enterprise, Well, You are in the right place! Perhaps the important of all, a company should decide before entering the world of mobile app development is regarding the approach they would like to take when building a mobile app.

Aagnia technologies can help you create the best mobile application tailored to your business requirements. We are leading Mobile application development company in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India having rich experience in building custom mobile app development, Enterprise mobile app development B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer).

We do understand your business needs and offer a wide range of mobile application development services. Aagnia Technologies boasts a great experience in creating various types of mobile applications including the,

Native Apps

This is the Ultimatum for Features Rich App and Speed from Native OS.

With the rising trend of the smartphone, it’s evident that we love mobile apps. Although we have many players, Google and Apple are dominant and the demand for native apps of Android and iOS is ever-growing.

Native Android App development & IOS App development - What to count on?

  • Native OS offer the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experience to the users
  • They can enable full access into the wider functionality of the device hardware including the GPS locator, camera, microphone, compass, accelerometer and swipe gestures and OS features.
  • Audience engagement can be brought in by means of push-notifications, alerting users every time a new piece of content is published or when their attention or action is required. This is a key method of engagement to continually bring back your audience to use your App.
  • Users spend time on mobile apps. The popularity of mobile apps depends on the user experience and useful features the app provides.
  • Good performance of the mobile App in the mobile browsers in terms of fast page loading, quicker animations, smooth page transitions through native APIs etc. The performance makes a huge difference between native and web apps.
  • Play Store or App Store can be used as a platform to feature the Mobile App, which is an effective customer channel for customer relationships to receive rating and feedback. The app store can handle purchase transactions as well.
  • Mobile phone device can be used to store additional data offline.
  • Implicit installation of a mobile app to the device’s home screen. On iOS devices you can add any web app to your home screen, but it’s a convoluted and little-known process.

While we are talking about only the merits of Native Apps, the downside of it are majorly the development costs, effort and timelines that it would take significantly. There are Approval processes by the Play Store and App store and if your app generates revenue you must share a percentage with the App store (For example, 30% for Apple’s App Store, including in-app purchases). This Approval process applies to release any updates for the app as well.

Why would one go for Native Android App or iOS App?

High feature enabled Mobile App, well designed to delight your users, standard OS platform, high user interactions with offering ideal user experience and above all there is relatively less budgetary constraints, then more likely choice is the native app. Upon installation from the App Store or Play Store, Native Apps can be operated without internet connection, wherein the app features related to device hardware like Accelorometer, Camera or other device features will be utilized.

Web Apps

The core idea behind developing Web Apps is that Build Once and Run everywhere, in other words Responsive web application.

The main influencing factors one should go for Web App can be the cost considerations and the development time, to develop an app-like web version in mobile. Whatever niche features made possible through Native apps are not possible in the Web App. It is the just the website opened in mobile or tab or other mobile gadgets with the browser compatibility. They are otherwise called as "Responsive Web sites"

Web App development - What can one expect from?

  • Web apps are nothing but Mobile Optimized Web applications.
  • The cost to build a web app is relatively less.
  • Unlike native APIs provided by native OS, Web app uses Web Technologies.
  • Nowadays mobile browsers are faster and hence the web apps yield good performance.
  • There are no tedious app approval process neither revenue sharing with the App store.
  • If the above stated reasons are not enough to get convinced, lets unveil that web apps are built on a single codebase, making it a good bet of less cost to build or release.
  • We need not depend on having a certain type of mobile hardware or app installation space in the mobile.
  • In a way, web apps are even better than native apps talking in terms of build cost and functionality.
  • Limited features which can be enabled only with Internet connection can be a hindrance, but developing a web app is simple and quick.
  • As web-app is not a real installable version of App, there wont be a loyal customer base, cannot count on the number of downloads for measuring the App's success. Hence there is no App searches in Play Store or App Store, neither customer ratings or feedback stored.
  • With no mobile space like a real app, there are no camera, compass, video capture, microphone, user contacts, file uploading or push/local notifications features that can be originally leveraged from Native OS.

Hybrid Apps

Cross-platform Mobile application.

These are quicker to build than Native apps but a good bet than browser based web apps. They are relatively less expensive than native apps.

Hybrid App development - Is best of both worlds of Native or Web?

  • If one is looking for a Minimum Viable Product approach and quickly developing a hybrid mobile application which can be released across platforms.
  • Hybrid apps have single codebase to release for all platforms, and hence we can save development costs.
  • Some of the native app features like camera, compass, contacts can be unlocked with the support of platforms like PhoneGap.
  • Purchases are managed by the app store, but we still have to undergo the app store’s approval process and revenue sharing.
  • Instant releases and updates is not possible.
  • Like a Web App, Hybrid app’s performance depends on the mobile device’s browser capabilities.
  • As the name suggests, hybrid apps serves good features of both Native app and Web app, but not on its entirety.

Four main influencing factors in choosing the right Mobile App for you,

  • Build Cost
  • Timelines
  • User Experience
  • Revenue Generation

Still not sure where to begin? Reach out to us! We are here to help you identify what best suits your requirements!


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Mobile Screens have relatively smaller display screens, hence the real estate space has to ensure your App's content and functionality at its best. We work out these usability and design considerations in the requirements conception stage itself for the best mobile application.


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Aagnia technologies build Android mobile apps and IOS mobile apps with a more pleasing UI and most intuitive UX. Serving as the best web designing company in Coimbatore, India, Aagnia technologies creates an excellent user experience of the mobile application.


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Aagnia technologies is well experienced in custom software development following Agile approach at ever stage of development and quality assurance process to validate all aspects of Use-ability and Consume-ability of the App with reduced time to delivery.


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